Recently, a friend told me she put up an American Flag and Trump sign in her front yard. Someone came by late at night and tried to tear them up and left them in the middle of the street (so much for tolerance). Even though they were both broken, torn, and dirty, she felt inspired to mend and put them back up anyway. I got emotional as she recounted this to me (I also, cry when I watch Hallmark movies, so take this with a grain of salt) but, seriously, I got choked up! Patriots have always held up our flag, tattered, broken or sometimes in disarray because it rallies us to the cause of freedom. 

In the midst of an all-night onslaught another tattered flag became the inspiration for The Star- Spangled Banner in 1812. The British, who at that time, had the most powerful Navy in the world, terrorized Marylanders for months before bombarding Fort McHenry. Experienced fighters didn’t defend it, it was those who, at their core, were awakened to this radical idea of freedom for all. An idea that, to them, was worth dying to defend. 

What would have happened if they would have given up their stand in Baltimore? The British would have moved into Philadelphia or New York and crushed this great American experiment that was still in its infancy. But, when the smoke cleared and the clouds lifted, the Stars and Stripes still flew and not by accident. Patriots intended to send a message to the British, so they made the flag big enough to be seen from a distance. Though it also made a target for the enemy, it stood proud in the midst of the siege! This war-torn flag that survived against all odds became a symbol that defined our national character and identity.  

When Francis Scott Key saw the flag still waving after a night of heavy bombardment, he was so overwhelmed that he penned the verses of the Star-Spangled Banner. Within a few weeks, without the internet, his song went viral in the United States. 

This raising of the flag by my friend wasn’t as dramatic, but it was just as profound because it is representative of how people all over the country are becoming awakened. Patriotism is alive and well in America and yes, it translates into a sense of personal responsibility. The generation that takes freedom for granted by not being involved will experience a loss of freedom. 

In America, we’ve been, slowly but surely, moving toward more government and less freedom. This shift is a subtle setup used by some to push us toward a radical socialist agenda. But what they have not counted on is the pushback from patriots who realize their freedoms are not just being threatened, but are under siege. The wake-up call today is not unlike the wake-up call that occurred in our beginnings or other pivotal times in our nation’s history. 

Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, who planned the attack on Pearl Harbor that forced the U.S. into WWII, recorded in his diary, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.” He was not concerned about the politician’s response. He was afraid of the resolve of the American people. History confirms, his fears were well founded. After the devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, the nation was awakened and galvanized, and we all know the rest of the story. This “terrible resolve” resulted in the destruction of all the Axis powers including Imperial Japan.

Today, the challenge we face as a nation is that many can grasp threats from foreign lands, but find it  harder to wrap their minds around the idea that tyranny can also be domestic. In other words, in our own backyard. Because the agenda of the radical left is becoming more and more obvious, many are asking this sobering question, “What would some do for power?” Would they manufacture lies or manipulate elections?  Would they leverage a Pandemic for political advantage? When those you trust with something so sacred as freedom become untrustworthy, the awakening becomes amplified. This has created a resolve in a growing number of American citizens like that shared by those first patriots who established independence. We realize, we’re in a battle and freedom is at stake, and those who violate our trust and sell us out, must be held accountable.   

When Americans are bullied by bureaucrats and the powers that be in the face of a Pandemic that is real, but really politicized, they aren’t throwing up their hands and saying “Woe is me!”  They are being resilient, finding ways to innovate and they are pushing back. The double standard of shutting down churches, and questionably calling one business “non-essential” and another not for the sake of social distancing is one thing, but not addressing rioting with equal fervor, is inexcusable. All of this has created a movement likened to awakening the sleeping giant.  

The propaganda being used by the media is an attempt to tell us don’t believe our eyes. They have reported that organizations like Antifa and BLM are peaceful, while America witnesses their supporters  destroying, looting, and burning down businesses. Fascists using anti-fascism as a cover are pushing chaos and a lawless agenda. The coordinated effort by some politicians, the media, and Big Tech are attempting to push a contrived narrative. 

Witnesses are signing affidavits, willing to testify about election fraud, polls have long been manipulated to sway public opinions before elections, and media seems to favor one outcome over another anxious to proclaim a winner before sufficient numbers of votes are in. Big Tech is being investigated about its selective censoring of  conservative voices. The problem is, it hasn’t passed the eye test or the smell test. The awakened are restless and resisting. One million people showed up in Washington to voice their disgust, peacefully, at what they believe was an election stolen.  

What the promoters of chaos and crises have not anticipated is the fact that the giant is not only awakened, they are filled with a “terrible resolve!”  

Patriots, in growing numbers are re-claiming the national narrative that was prevalent in the establishing of our nation. It’s not being reported by the “don’t believe your eyes” mainstream media, but it’s true, nonetheless. More and more Americans everywhere are standing (not kneeling) for the flag. 

The awakening that will lead to a Freedom Shift is upon us! It’s time to reclaim the narrative that freedom is for everyone; that individuals acting responsibly form the basis of free societies; that the Constitution is about restraining overreach of power and protecting the inherent rights of all people; that justice truly is blind and no respecter of persons regardless of ther political affiliation, race, religion etc. We are asking you to take constructive action, holding the politicians feet to the fire and influencing them on the issues that affect our freedoms, especially between the elections.  It’s time for a FreedomSHIFT. 

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