About Us

Our Why 

We believe that ALL PEOPLE are born with self-evident rights granted by God, not the whims of their political rulers. 

The U.S. founding documents provide a critical structure, complete with restraints on government, that protect life, liberty, personal property and grants people the opportunity to live their full potential in the pursuit of happiness.
Because there is a movement in America threatening this foundation of freedom and seeking to silence voices that oppose their agenda, concerned citizens must be empowered to boldly and effectively defend those rights.    

What We Do

At FreedomSHIFT, we are passionate about preserving and protecting our God-given rights outlined in America's founding documents. 

We are empowering a movement of concerned Americans to preserve and reclaim those rights

How We Do It

We provide a platform to restore and preserve our freedoms and liberties. 

Our simple 3 step plan:  

  1.  Get informed on issues and principles to see if they will expand or contract your freedoms.
  2. Take effective action on issues before they become law.  
  3. Share the vision with others and grow the FreedomSHIFT movement.

Our FreedomSHIFTER Report is your guide to getting this done!

The divisiveness in this country has led to lost relationships, broken families, and heartbreaking anger. Through FreedomSHIFT, I have been able to get the information I need to stay informed and immediately take action on matters important to me. We must come together and still stand firm in our beliefs. FreedomSHIFT brings us together to take action in a way that is truly effective. Instead of fighting each other, We The People can bring the fight to Washington through FreedomSHIFT.  

Ashley Pugmire

FreedomShift Member

Who We Are

Richard earned a degree from the college of engineering at BYU and enjoyed a successful corporate career before walking away from it to work in causes that defend our inalienable rights. Over the last sixteen years, he's conducted over 10,000 one-on-one interviews with concerned Americans while doing non-partisan legislative research.  He's managed those efforts across 8 states as Division manager for NWYC.  
Richard has been a State Delegate, taught Constitutional studies classes and written a book titled, The Freedom Shift Effect.  He has five children and coaches High School Basketball as a way to give back to his community. He is passionate about freedom and committed to helping FreedomSHIFT become a relentless voice that protects all citizen's God-given rights under the rule of our constitutional law. 

Richard Wells

FreedomShift Founder

Chris Allen has served in the capacity of CEO, President, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, National Sales Manager, and Region Manager for both large and small companies. With over 30 years of dedicated experience in the political, sales, and technology sectors, his expertise has been in helping organizations move from good to great!

For the last 20 years, Chris has been working directly with National Write Your Congressman in an effort to restore accountability in Washington by inspiring business leaders across the country to get informed, take action, and hold Congress accountable. He has dedicated his life to the preservation and expansion of freedom and liberty!

Chris Allen

FreedomShift Founder

Dan Maclean is a business owner, author, minister, and mentor.  For the past 25 years as a National Trainer for National Write Your Congressman, he has interviewed thousands of business owners nationwide encouraging them to impact legislation that affects their finances and freedoms.   

His recent book entitled, Knowing God Intimately: A Discovery of Security, Identity, & Destiny forms the filter in which he approaches all endeavors. In this context, he believes that freedom is God’s idea, and that the free market, when policy promotes it, lifts the world.  

Dan has experienced first-hand the consequential impact people can have when they possess the tools, technology, and vision to make a difference. He has committed himself to scale this idea into a movement that will powerfully affect the country and shift the culture to reclaim, protect, and promote our God-given freedoms. 

Dan Maclean

FreedomShift Founder

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