A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? The Socialist’s Agenda and the Green New Deal

The record of Socialism is so pitiful, only a politician could ignore it! The idea that I’m owed something may be appealing to those who refuse to work, but it is on the backs of those who do that it must depend. The sinister reality of socialism is that it is mostly preached by those whose end game is personal profit or the maintaining of power by pandering for votes.  In fact, a true campaign slogan could be, “Vote for me because I’m going to give you stuff!”

Castro forcefully held onto power, locking Cuba in a time capsule of stagnate to no growth for decades.
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The Bible says we’re to take care of the poor (truly indigent), but for those who don’t work, they shouldn’t eat.  Obviously, the Bible isn’t politically correct! There is a difference between providing for *those who are unable to work and those *unwilling to work as was touted by some politicians in the Green New Deal (GND). *Yes, that was actually in it! The GND was not a minor step from capitalism (free-enterprise) to socialism.  It was a quantum leap.

Socialism states that I’m owed because I exist. Capitalism, by contrast, results in a reality based altruism: I must provide what the market place demands or starve.  This voluntary exchange has more of a moral compass to it than forced redistribution, which would be called left on an individual level.

It’s interesting to note that those politicians whose platform is the Green New Deal and who preach that government needs to provide health care, housing, higher education, economic security to those unable or unwilling to work are very passionate about making sure you give but are notoriously stingy in their own personal giving record.  One politician who is worth millions was asked by a college student why he gave less than him!  His answer in a round about ways was, I give by being in politics!  If you believe that, I have some Florida swamp land I’d like to offer you.

The truth is, many politicians are blaringly guilty when it comes to profiting personally through politics.  The hypocrisy knows no end. Another politician who is a major proponent of the GND and who touted $15 per hour minimum wage nearly had an insurrection on his hands when the workers on his own campaign demanded he pay them what he preached!

Castro came to power on the mantra of hope and change (sound familiar?).  He was a champion of the poor declaring equal opportunity and we’re going to stick it to those who are affluent.  By the way, the class envy card has always been effective for those pushing a Socialist pseudo panacea.  The problem is, the devil is in the details. The dream of Socialism is extremely attractive to a superficial observer until reality sets in and one actually experiences it. That dream becomes a nightmare when it becomes apparent that it doesn’t work.

In Cuba the masses experience equal outcome, not equal opportunity. They live on a paltry sum of $50 per month, unless you were Castro or one of his cronies. You know, the Wolf in sheep’s clothing. They hold all the money and the power while they give the masses the allowance of a servant.  It’s been said, if government can give you everything (the promise of Socialists), they have the power to take everything from you. 

Harry Truman said something profound when it comes to discerning whose in office for the right reasons.  “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook!”  It might be a good litmus test to ask yourself who is getting wealthy in office at the expense of the country.  If you follow the money you will find the wolf.  

The prosperity in Socialism is for the Politicians who tout it.  The prosperity in Freedom is for those who are willing to take responsibility and work for it.  It is about equal opportunity not equal outcome. 

Freedom is why American’s have opportunity and why people are finding any way to get here. They are not climbing barbed wire fences, and taking long hazardous journeys to get into socialist countries.  And yet some are drinking the Kool Aid of the socialist as if socialism is the answer!

Winston Churchill said it best.

“Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

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