Becoming a FreedomShifter

Freedom or Force? It’s a Choice!

We’re part of a growing movement of FreedomShifters, people who stand up for liberty and don’t take freedom for granted!  

Unlike the politically correct crowd the silences ideas other than their own, we don’t tell you what to think or how to vote.  We invite open discussion and believe free-thinking, independent, and proactive people make societies free!

A Freedomshifter never gives up when freedom is under attack. We don’t get caught up in petty arguments and political posturing because our time is too valuable.  FreedomShifters are informed, involved, and impactful influencers who know why America’s founding principles beat the odds, unleashed unprecedented freedom, and caused a rippling effect that has spread across the world! FreedomShifters leverage 21st century technology to defend those ideals against any effort to wrestle freedom out of the hands of the people where they belong. 

We take action and we get results. WE are FreedomShifters and these are our stories.

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