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What We Do

At FreedomSHIFT, we are passionate about preserving and protecting our God-given rights outlined in America's founding documents. 

Focus on Issues and Principles

We cut through the politics and name calling to get straight to the issues and principles of sound government. This allows you to better judge if legislation will expand or contract your freedoms.  

Take Effective Action

We know what approaches work, and which don't, in influencing government. We make it easy for concerned citizens to ensure our elected officials (on a national and state level) protect our God-given rights and defend the U.S. Constitution. 

Grow the Movement

Taking action is good, taking action with other concerned Americans, at the right time, changes the game. We are an energized, excited, and engaged community protecting and reclaiming liberty. 

Become a FreedomSHIFTER and start making a difference TODAY.

Concerned About Your Freedoms? 

We are.

Today we are witnessing an unprecedented assault on our constitutional freedoms and liberties at the hands of radical politicians, special interest lobbyists, and big money influencers, propped up by toxic social news feeds and the mainstream media. 

As a result, the nation is more divided than ever.

Unfortunately, the more the media and politicians appeal to our diverse nation to claim "victim status", the more civil unrest and government control we will see. The pattern is not new. We've seen it throughout history as one group seeks to manipulate the masses to seize control from another. 

The good news is that concerned Americans are rising up to take a stand for freedom.

 The U.S. created an environment where people from all backgrounds can stand on their own two feet and thrive. Americans building, lifting, creating, and giving back, create more opportunity for others than the "victim philosophy" being pushed today. Together, with an empowerment approach we can tackle the biggest challenges facing America today. 

We know how to keep our God-given rights protected by the U.S. founding documents for all to enjoy. It's time to exercise those rights in defense of liberty.

Tyranny gets a foothold when responsible people do nothing. We can't let that happen on our watch. FreedomSHIFT is here to help.  

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Take the First Step

We'll inform you on the principles that protect your inalienable rights. This includes understanding the proper role of government and your rights under our Constitutional government. 

Information properly applied is power.  We'll give you easy-to-use tools to use your power to protect and reclaim our God-given rights.   

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